The 300 m2 apartment, spread over three floors, is located in a luxury building on Ben Maimon Street in Jerusalem. The apartment owners live abroad and visit Israel every year. They received building rights for an additional 100 m2 and hired Bloch to manage the expansion project.

Bloch served as the turnkey contractor and managed the process from the framing stage to the completion of the construction. During the project, the company’s team faced a number of key challenges:


Continuity between the design of the original apartment and the expansion

Since the original building is characterized by exceptional building standards, including the use of chiseled yellow Jerusalem stone and designed cornices, meticulous attention was required to ensure continuity of the architectural details and to find workers with the unique expertise to execute them.

Triplex on Ben Maimon Street
Triplex on Ben Maimon Street


Work on-site

With the project located in a densely built and populated area, Bloch used alternative solutions, such as suspended scaffolding, to avoid disturbing the daily routines of the neighbors.


Tight schedules

The owners wanted to celebrate the Sukkot holiday in the apartment and use the roof for their sukkah. Bloch had only three months to complete the renovation process. To meet the deadline, the company employed and managed several teams, who worked in round-the-clock shifts.

Triplex on Ben Maimon Street

The project was completed on schedule and to the full satisfaction of the owners. They were able to celebrate the holiday with their family in their newly renovated apartment.