Bloch is an entrepreneurial and construction company with projects throughout Israel.

The company specializes in the construction of residential buildings, hotels, and commercial projects, as well as private homes for local and foreign clients.

Our work combines outstanding professionalism, exceptional finishing standards and close client relations, resulting in enduring partnerships.

The company was founded by Shmuel Bloch, who leads its activities and is involved in every project, ensuring that the firm constantly achieves the highest professional standards.

Since its inception, Bloch has accumulated extensive experience in executing complex private and commercial projects, including the Isrotel Orient Jerusalem and the prestigious Schneller Jerusalem Estates residential complex.

Shmuel Bloch, Founder and Owner

Over the past decade, Shmuel Bloch has been a leader in exclusive construction projects in Israel.

A native Jerusalemite, Shmuel began his career constructing luxury homes in old, established Jerusalem neighborhoods for local and foreign clients.

Having accumulated extensive experience in project management, Shmuel founded S.B.I Shmuel Bloch Entrepreneurship & Construction Ltd., applying his rigorous professional standards to large-scale projects.

Shmuel currently manages Bloch’s activities and is actively expanding into entrepreneurship, smart construction, and sustainability.

Bloch has extensive experience in building and managing projects for foreign property owners who visit Israel infrequently. The company maintains close contact with its foreign clients and provides ongoing reports and updates regarding project progress.